JP3 Measurement


Automatic Interface Detection Algorithm (AIDA) is a game-changing plug-and-play solution for Verax analyzers to detect pipeline batch transitions in real-time

AIDA for Verax: A Machine Learning Solution for Transmix Reduction

Paired with Verax, AIDA is the implementation of a machine learning (ML) system. As such, the AIDA system learns and adapts without following explicit instructions. By using algorithms and statistical models, AIDA can analyze and draw inferences from patterns in data. AIDA does this directly by decomposing a complex optical signal and classifying both the ‘spectroscopic stability’ of the product and its identification.

AIDA is a plug-and-play system that does not require calibration beyond the initial programming. AIDA is compatible with all JP3 VeraxTM spectrometer systems: Verax SSX, CTX, ISX and IMX. As with all Verax systems, additional property measurements such as hydrocarbon composition, Vapor Pressure, BTU, API gravity and others are available. Verax systems have no moving parts, no consumables, and no sample conditioning system, which means longer life and reduced maintenance costs.

Why Switch to This Powerful New Tool?

  • Existing interface detection methods are either slow, or unreliable.
  • Manual sampling and analysis is slow and can take multiple hours to confirm that a new batch is on-spec.
  • Existing on-line methods, such as acoustic densitometers, do not provide enough information to definitively identify interface boundaries.
  • Reduces waste and improves profitability
  • Provides simple, actionable data
AIDA Data 75