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Discover the game-changing potential of Verax Technology, reshaping the landscape of oil and gas operations with its innovative Verax Analyzer. By seamlessly integrating spectroscopy and chemometrics, this cutting-edge device delivers real-time analysis of hydrocarbon streams, providing immediate insights to drive efficiency and informed decision-making. Offering unmatched accuracy, reliability, and efficiency, Verax empowers oil companies to optimize operations, reduce costs, and maximize profitability. Seize the opportunity to elevate your operations with Verax Technology.


Verax Analyzer: An optical device utilizing spectroscopy and chemometrics, providing real-time analysis of hydrocarbon streams. This innovative tool empowers oil companies with immediate insights into their operations, enhancing efficiency and decision-making.

Spectroscopy Basics

Principle: Directs light through the stream, measuring spectral absorbance to interpret detailed stream analysis. Understanding this principle is crucial for unlocking the potential of spectroscopy in optimizing oil and gas processes.

Understanding Spectroscopy

Technique: Measures light absorption to characterize material properties accurately and rapidly. Mastery of this technique enables precise and timely assessment of hydrocarbon streams, crucial for operational success.

Verax’s Approach to Hydrocarbon Measurement

Process: NIR laser scans the stream, and the difference in light absorption yields vital data. This method offers unparalleled accuracy and speed in assessing stream chemistry and composition.

Role of Chemometrics

Purpose: Converts absorption spectra into actionable data using advanced mathematical analysis. Leveraging chemometrics ensures that data is not just collected but transformed into valuable insights, driving informed decisions.

Benefits of Verax Technology

Efficiency: Real-time data without moving parts or sampling systems. This efficiency translates into cost savings and streamlined operations for oil companies.

Reliability: High uptime and minimal maintenance costs, ensuring operational excellence. With Verax Technology, oil companies can rely on consistent, accurate data to drive their operations forward.

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