JP3 Measurement

Verax CTX/CTXe

Verax CTX is the first optical, online, field-deployable analyzer for both liquids and gas available to the Oil & Gas industry.

Real-Time Analysis

  • Produces stream composition (C1-C9+) and BTU (natural gas) or API gravity (liquids and crude) and more
  • 10 second measurement cycle time
  • Enables real-time monitoring and control
  • Natural gas, NGL, condensate, crude oil and refined fuels capability
  • No sampling system, zero emissions, zero lost product
  • Requires no analyzer shelter

In-Line and Field Deployable

  • Flow cell set in-line, at process pressure and temperature
  • Utilizes NIR laser absorption spectroscopy and proprietary chemometric models
  • No consumables, waste product, or calibration gas
  • Multi-flow cell option for multiple stream measurement
  • Custom flow cell design prevents fouling for maintenance-free use
  • Wireless communications & diagnostic capability

Opportunities for Real-Time Analysis

  • Gas plant fractionation
  • Fuel gas monitoring
  • Fractional distillation cuts
  • On-line crude tower control
  • Refinery blending
  • Truck/tank/rail on-load and off-load control
  • Real-time NGL product blending
  • Stabilizer optimization
  • Real-time vapor pressure control for liquids and crude

Verax 75

Verax Gauges