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JP3 Releases Line of Single Stream Analyzers for Hydrocarbon Composition and Physical Properties Analysis (3/2/18)

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For Immediate Release:

Austin, TX (March 1, 2018) JP3 Measurement, the leading real-time data and analytics firm in the energy industry, today announced the launch of a new line of economical online oil and gas analyzers.  The VeraxTM SSG and SSL single stream analyzers are built upon the same field-proven technology as the multi-point Verax CTX. They provide rapid and reliable measurement of key compositional and physical properties for a wide variety of natural gas analysis (Verax SSG) and liquid (Verax SSL) applications in crude oil, condensates, NGLs and refined fuels.

These units are highly reliable, require no consumable materials or sample conditioning, and provide fast measurements with extremely high reproducibility and repeatability. The products meet or exceed applicable GPA and ASTM performance requirements for repeatability and reproducibility. The unit can be powered by a small solar panel or standard 120V AC or 24V DC.

All Verax systems measure with flow cells directly in the fluid stream at operating pressure and temperature, requiring no sample transport, sample selection or conditioning systems.  Built on patented NIR optical spectroscopy technology, the Verax analyzer has no emissions, uses no carrier gases, no complex columns or switching valves, and is virtually maintenance free.  Further, the products provide measurement results in seconds as opposed to the several minutes typical for other technologies.

“The Verax SSG and SSL line of products has successfully achieved our goal to deliver highly economical Verax technology and benefits for single stream applications where cost and reliability are of high importance to our customers. This new product family will provide significant benefits and value for our customers in the upstream, midstream, and downstream markets,” stated Matt Thomas, JP3 President and CEO. “This single stream version of our proven successful multi-stream product features a small footprint, low power consumption, remote communication capabilities, and fast installation and commissioning.”

When combined with JP3’s Viper software and analytics platforms, users of the Verax SSG can access their composition and BTU information for natural gas process control and pipeline custody transfer remotely, from any desktop or mobile platform.  Similarly, the SSL system in conjunction with Viper provides insight and optimization of vapor pressure, API gravity and other physical properties from anywhere in the world.


Verax SSGTM and Verax SSLTM are trademarks of JP3 Measurement, LLC.


About JP3 Measurement

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, JP3 Measurement was founded in 2005 and provides the industry’s only field deployable, real time, in-line optical analyzer for both liquid and natural gas measurement.  With hundreds of measurement points in the field, JP3 is focused on improving the quality of hydrocarbon measurement and process control for the Oil & Gas industry.   For more information, please visit or contact Gregg Williams, Sr. VP Sales. +1.512.537.8450 [email protected].

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