JP3 Measurement

Standard GPA-2119-20 adopted by GPA Midstream Association

In March 2020, a new custody transfer standard known as GPA-2119-20 (Compositional Analysis by Optical Spectroscopy) was adopted by the Analysis, Test Methods and Product Specifications Committee of the GPA Midstream Association.

Midstream leaders and experts worked together with industry suppliers to produce this standard for oil and gas operators of North America, determining that optical spectroscopy is a viable technology for compositional analysis of gas, NGL, and condensate.  This means that the leading industry group for the midstream sector has endorsed the use of technologies like those in the JP3 Verax analyzer systems for full-scale adoption across the industry.

Standard GPA-2119 has been founded as an alternative, non-chromatographic method for determining custody quality composition on natural gas, NGL products and condensate.  Many of JP3’s customers participated in the work of the subcommittee that sponsored the new method.

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