JP3 Measurement


Verax ISX and IMX are near-infrared analyzers designed for international markets, offering field-deployable real-time analysis

Features and Benefits

  • ATEX and IECEx certified
  • Designed for international markets
  • Ambient operating temperature rating of -20C to +55C
  • 12-inch touchscreen interface
  • 15-second measurement cycle time
  • Two product configurations: ISX for a single flow cell, IMX for up to four flow cells

In-Line and Field Deployable

  • Flow cell set in-line, at process pressure and temperature
  • Utilizes NIR laser absorption spectroscopy and proprietary chemometric models
  • No purge gas, consumables, calibration gas, or venting to atmosphere
  • Custom flow cell design prevents fouling for maintenance-free use
  • Wireless communications & diagnostic capability

Opportunities for Real-Time Analysis

  • Stabilizer optimization
  • Natural Gas composition and BTU
  • RVP or VPCRx for crude oil and condensates
  • Turbine or compressor fuel gas monitoring
  • Crude oil API gravity and vapor pressure
  • Refined product pipeline composition, gravity, flash point,
  • Batch transport interface detection and transmix reduction
  • Ethane/Propane blending
  • Gasoline RVP
  • Additional & Custom applications are available