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JP3 Releases Next Generation Verax CTX Analyzer for Hydrocarbon Composition and Physical Properties Analysis (4/1/16)

For Immediate Release:

Austin, TX (April 1, 2016) The Verax CTXTM represents JP3’s latest generation Near-Infrared analyzer designed specifically for oil and gas applications. With faster measurement times, four independent spectrometer detectors, enhanced optical components, and a new flow cell, the Verax CTX provides significant improvements in measurement speed, quality, repeatability, stability, and reliability in even the harshest environments. Natural gas or liquids can be accurately analyzed to obtain hydrocarbon composition, Vapor Pressure, BTU, API gravity, and other physical properties. Verax CTX is now certified for Natural Gas Custody Transfer applications as well.

The Verax measures with flow cells directly in the pipeline at operating pressure and temperature, requiring no sample transport, sample selection or conditioning systems.  The optical Verax analyzer has no emissions, uses no carrier gases, no complex columns or switching valves, and is virtually maintenance free.  Further, the technology provides measurement results in seconds as opposed to several minutes which is typical for other technologies.

“The Verax CTX has successfully achieved our goal to deliver a second generation Verax analyzer which provides significant new benefits and added capabilities for our customers in the upstream, midstream, and downstream markets.” stated Matt Thomas, JP3 President and CEO. “Not only does the Verax CTX significantly exceed custody transfer industry standards, but also includes major advancements in our spectrometer, processor, and optical path technologies that will allow us to continue to improve performance and expand our application range for years to come. ”

Using patented Near-Infrared (NIR) optical spectroscopy and advanced chemometric techniques, Verax CTX provides readings in a matter of seconds, directly in both liquid and gas streams. No moving parts, no consumables, and no sample conditioning systems means longer life and reduced maintenance costs.



Verax CTX TM is a trademark of JP3 Measurement, LLC.


About JP3 Measurement

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, JP3 Measurement was founded in 2005 and provides the industry’s only field deployable, real time, in-line optical analyzer for both liquid and natural gas measurement.  With hundreds of measurement points in the field, JP3 is focused on improving the quality of hydrocarbon measurement and process control for the Oil & Gas industry.   For more information, please visit or contact Gregg Williams, Sr. VP Sales. +1.512.537.8450 [email protected].

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