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JP3 Announces Solutions for New Flare Regulations

With new flare regulations being published by the EPA, JP3 has announced that its’ rugged, powerful laser calorimeter system is ready to meet these new regulatory requirements by providing real time net heating value (NHV) and composition measurements.

JP3 is partnering with several flare measurement solution providers to help the oil & gas industry ensure compliance and interpret the new rules accurately. With real-time, reliable measurement of flare gas calorific values, the JP3 Verax analyzer will allow flare operators to comply with the new EPA requirements at minimal expense or uncertainty.

The new rules codified in 40 CFR part 60 at subpart OOOOb/c (NSPS OOOOb/c) apply to flares across the oil and gas industry, including upstream and midstream sites. JP3 and its partners in flare measurement are ready to share our combined expertise to make this transition to the new regulatory paradigm seamless and cost-efficient. Please contact us at [email protected] or call 512-537-8450.

Learn about JP3’s flare measurement solutions here:

Read the full EPA publication here:

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