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JP3 Announces Long-Term Supply Agreement with Axsun Technologies (11/19/15)

Austin (November 19, 2015) – JP3 Measurement, LLC, announces the completion of a new long-term supply agreement with Axsun Technologies, the established supplier of advanced Near Infra-Red spectrometers for its VeraxTM oil and gas optical analyzers.

“This agreement is a major step forward in ensuring our ability to supply cutting-edge analyzers incorporating world-class spectrometer technology, in many cases designed specifically for JP3 products,” said JP3 Measurement CEO Matt Thomas.  “We have been working closely with Axsun over the past several years and this agreement solidifies that partnership.  They are at the forefront of high-speed, high-power scanning NIR laser technology.”

By measuring with probes directly inline at operating pressure and temperature, the Verax eliminates many problems associated with traditional systems that require extensive sample conditioning and support systems. The Verax’s ability to return compositional analyses in seconds allows users to make process control decisions and custody transfer measurements at speeds and accuracy levels previously not possible.

“We are very pleased to enter into this long-term partnership with JP3,” said Jonathan Hartmann, CEO of Axsun.  “Not only does it firmly integrate Axsun as the spectrometer inside the most powerful analyzer in oil and gas, it also enables our teams to work closely on future innovations necessary for analysis in the harsh conditions found across the upstream, midstream and downstream segments.”

Utilizing Axsun-empowered NIR spectroscopy and advanced chemometric modeling, JP3 provides unprecedented analysis capabilities for oil & gas applications, including: natural gas custody transfer; composition analysis for crude oil, condensate, NGL and gas streams; vapor pressure analysis; specific gravity, relative density and BTU; API gravity; and many other physical and chemical properties.  The inherent solid-state design of Verax products provides measurement speeds well beyond competitive technologies along with much higher reliability and lower maintenance costs.


Verax TM is a trademark of JP3 Measurement, LLC.

About JP3 Measurement

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, JP3 Measurement was founded in 2005 and provides the industry’s only field deployable, real time, in-line optical analyzer for both liquid and natural gas measurement.  With hundreds of measurement points in the field, JP3 is focused on improving the quality of hydrocarbon measurement and process control for the Oil and Gas industry.

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About Axsun Technologies

Axsun Technologies Inc., established in 1998, develops and manufactures industry-leading optical coherence tomography (OCT) and near-infrared (NIR) MEMS-based optical engines for medical imaging, industrial analyzers, and telecommunications. Through its expertise in micro-optics, packaging and precision engineering, Axsun has pioneered an entirely new class of high-performance, miniaturized instruments and devices enabling a dramatic shift from lab-based measurements to on-line, at-line and in-vivo measurements, without compromising performance.

For more information, please visit or contact Bill Ahern at 978-439-3419 or by email at [email protected] .