JP3 Measurement

Verax VPA

Verax VPA™ is the first optical, online, real-time, vapor pressure analyzer for crude, condensate and NGL streams available to the Oil & Gas industry.

Verax VPA detail

The first real-time Vapor Pressure Analyzer

  • Produces RVP, TVP and VPCRx measurements on 30 second cycle
  • Zero emissions or lost product
  • Mounts anywhere in plant without need for analyzer shelter
  • Performance correlation to ASTM standards

Verax VPA

In-Line Probe at Temperature & Pressure

  • Verax VPA utilizes near-IR laser absorption spectroscopy and proprietary chemometric model library
  • In-line at full pressure with no sample collection needed
  • Multi-probe option for inlet/outlet or multiple stream measurement
  • Custom probe design prevents fouling for maintenance-free use
  • Wireless modem provide remote operation capability


Sample Application: Eliminate RVP Giveaway

  • Problem: Customer was manually switching re-boiler to meet downstream spec. Traditional vapor pressure analyzer is ineffective due to high paraffin content, cycle time, and cost.
  • Solution: After Verax VPA installation, operator is able to stabilize plant, confidently meet customer specifications, and increase average RVP by ~2 PSI.
  • Result: 2-3% increase in overall plant financial returns. Two week payback time on analyzer.